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Soul Survivor 2017

Here's a throw back to our fabulous Summer at Soul Survivor! Ethan shares with us his reflections on the week.....

Soul Survivor, for me, this year was absolutely amazing and so God filled. It was a really good week where I spent time with god and had time to reflect with myself and others. I had really good company, made new friends and cought up with old friends. It was just a really fun time. There were so many activities to do. I loved every minute and the presence of God was really there!. My Highlight of the week was meeting Guvna B and being front row to his Gig! That really made it all the more fun for me.

Again, Soul Survivor built so much more confidence in me this year! I’m now living my life for God and serving the youth back in Leeds. Soul survivor and the LFIS Team have changed me as a person and given me so much potential for the future.





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