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Where is the Love?

On Tuesday 21st November, Team LFIS spent the day at The Morley Academy. We were invited to be a part of their 'Wellness Day' programme where we delivered to the whole of year 7. Our focus for the day was the huge topic of 'Friendships': How can we be a good friend? What are the qualities of a good friend? How do we know if this is something more than a friendship? The list could quite easily go on!

I think its safe to say that friendship, a sense of belonging and being a part of a community are three important factors we learn about as we journey through life. Starting High School and embarking upon a year of meeting new teachers, new friends and figuring out how it all works is a memory many of us share. It can be a time of excitement and apprehension, often leaving us overwhelmed and confused. We have the amazing opportunity of stepping into the lives of these young people at such a crucial and changing time. 

We tackle the topic of friendship and relationships head on, giving the young people time to ask tricky questions, share their thoughts and concerns with each other and really consider what type of friend they want to be and what type of qualities they are going to look for in those they choose to spend their time with. Upon leaving the class, one student commented, 'this was just the kind of lesson I needed!'. 

We absolutely love delivering fun and engaging sessions on all kinds of topics around friendships and relationships and we have different lessons to suit all year groups! We always love visiting new schools so please don't hesitate to contact us if you would be interested in us being a part of your curriculum. 

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