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Easter 2018 with Leeds Faith in Schools

We have recently come to the end of delivering our Easter Lesson across our high schools in Leeds. Our theme this year focussed on journeying together through the different events leading up to the death of Jesus. We delivered the lesson in the style of a game show with teams competing in all sorts of challenges in hope of winning the most chocolate eggs.

Students had the opportunity to put themselves in the position of one of the members of the crowd at the trial of Jesus, would they choose to punish Jesus or Barrabas? We had some fabulous responses from the lesson and it's always amazing to see the young people thinking for themselves, asking questions and really grappling with those questions of faith. 

One student at Wetherby High School left the lesson saying 'I never thought learning about Jesus could be so fun!' Every year I feel increasingly honoured to be able to talk to our young people about the hope that they can have in Jesus, this is such a refreshing message in the midst of the stress and pressure they have with upcoming exams and plans for their futures. As each young person left the lesson, we gave them the opportunity to write down their biggest worry or fear right now and to pin in to the cross as they depart. This was a symbol of them trusting that God can carry those burdens for them, they just have to trust. 

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