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Back to School

In the last 2 weeks the team have been back in school and it has been great to reconnect with lots of young people.

“Summer wasn’t that fun for me, but knowing that Rock Solid is back on this week cheered me up because I’ll get to see all of my friends, you and Ben*.”

Many students find the long summer break challenging, especially if they don’t go away on holiday and live far from friends. So it was encouraging to hear so much enthusiasm from young people returning to mentoring sessions and lunch groups in the first week back.

“Rock Solid is a place to hang out with friends and have fun.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself. but this was a year 8 student who told me why she was so excited to be back at Rock Solid.

It isn’t always glamorous and it can sometimes feel slightly chaotic, but in the midst of the silly games and funny stories, Rock Solid is a place where students know that they can belong and be accepted.

*Ben is a fantastic volunteer as well as the youth worker for Guiseley Baptist Church

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