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How will you build your home?

During the first week of March 2017, LFIS lead a week of assemblies at Abbey Grange Academy where we challenged the young people with the question, are you comfortable to build your home on the brokenness we see in the world? OR are you willing to take up Gods offer to start to fix it?

The young people took part in a quiz looking at some true yet shocking statistics about poverty, racism and the most recent refugee crisis and what these areas look like in our own city, Leeds. Although the team would agree, this was a challenging topic to deliver and pretty hard hitting at times, we are passionate about seeing our young people develop into passionate and mature adults who will pioneer change.

We want the young people we work with to grasp the realisation that this change begins with a shift in our hearts where we can feel compassion for those who do not have as much as we do. Out of that compassion can then come the motivation and desire to take up Gods offer of standing up for the injustices in our society. 


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