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'Koinonia' 2017

Our theme for our Prayer Space at Abbey Grange Academy this year has been ‘Koinonia’ which means coming together in community to be with God, we believe this captures the essence of what Prayer Spaces are all about.

Students have been taking part in all kinds of creative stations at St. Andrews Church, West Park, chatting to God and bringing their thanks and requests to him. Below is an example of one of our stations from this week; we call it, ‘The Honour Wall’. Perhaps you could try it as an act of prayer individually, at home with your family or as part of your own youth work?


When someone that we love leaves or dies, they leave a gap in our lives. We miss them.

Is there someone that you miss?

If you want to, you can write the name of the person onto one of the post it notes and attach it to our ‘Honour Wall’ along with a coloured ribbon as a symbol of remembrance. You could say a quiet thank you for the good memories that you have of them.

You can talk with God about your feelings too.

Take your time. It might be helpful to talk to someone afterwards. 


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