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High School Heroes!

We are coming to the end of our first Year 6 group of this years High School Heroes transition work and what a blast we have had together!

Last Thursday we spent some time creating our own mazes out of straw and blowing maltesers from start to finish! Lucy, one of our year 6’s said to me ‘I love coming here after school because we get to just relax and play silly games, it’s a nice break from the SATS tests!’ It’s amazing to hear that just through the enjoyment and giggles of silly games, our soon to be year 7’s are having the opportunity to escape from the pressure and tension of exams.

One of my favourite activities of the course is when we draw around the body of one of the young people before asking the group to write in the middle anything that is worrying them about High School. We often see similar responses, such as, ‘bullies’, ‘teachers’ and ‘too much homework’. It’s a wonderful moment as we start to see the group becoming more vulnerable and opening up to each other. At the end of the session last Thursday, Luke, another young person in our group said ‘I wish we could carry on doing this in year 7 too! I feel better about making new friends now!’ Luke will be starting at Lawnswood School in September and has already said to me how excited he is to start coming to ‘Explore’ lunchtime club! What a privilege to journey with these young people through such a changing yet exciting time of their lives. 

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