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Otley Mission 2017

Otley Mission - Easter 2017!

We have had a fabulous time this week with some local young people of the Otley area! We've been getting stuck in to some community outreach work through gardening and serving tea and biscuits to the elderly at a local care home, we may have even formed our very own choir and sung a few tunes! 

Back at base, we've been getting to know one another through crazy games and enjoying food together. On the second day, it was wonderful to hear some stories and testimonies from young people about their own belief in Jesus and why that motivates them to reach out to their communities.

Lets here about the two days from Sophie....

'I've really enjoyed the past few days. My favourite part has been doing some gardening because it was great to do something I enjoy but also know that I am helping the Otely community. I was a little bit nervous about coming on the first day but all the games have made me laugh so much!'

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