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'I'm the girl I want to be'

I'm the girl I want to be!

We have recently started working with a new cohort of girls at Lawnswood School where we are following the 'I'm the girl I want to be' course - exciting and innovative sessions looking at issues of self esteem, media pressure, relationships and aspirations for the future.  These girls are proving to be a complete joy to work with!

'Are we going to be doing this every week! I never want it to end!' shouted Ruth as she left week one of the course. That was all it took to make my week. What a priviledge to be in a position where I'm able to have a positive influence on the way young girls see themselves. 

It turned out Ruth had gone home earlier that day due to a panic attack and feeling seriously down in the dumps. She had come back into school especially for week one of the course and had left feeling, in her words, 'well good!'. During week one, we didn't cover anything too heavy, it was simply an opportunity for the girls to get to know me and spend some time relaxing doing crafty and creative things. I often find that it's at these times I have the best and deepest conversations with the girls I work with, craft does wonderful things in breaking barriers! 

I can't wait to journey with these girls over the next few months as we look at encouraging ourselves and each other, dreaming about our futures and understanding more about our value and our worth.

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