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How can I welcome those who are different to me?

Last week we were in Abbey Grange asking the question in assembly, ‘how can you welcome those who are different to you?’ 

At the start of the school year there are always new students who join and we think it is really important they get welcomed in to the school family and can get the best possible start to school life. 

Through a big game of Guess Who (200+ people!) we found the person in the room who was most similar to Matt and then we gave them a prize. We asked students if they thought this was a fair way to find a winner and made the point that we shouldn’t treat people better just because they are the most similar to us. We should treat everybody well, no matter how similar or different they are to us!

We always enjoy getting to share a message with the whole school through the week and the feedback we get is usually really positive. A year 8 student told me that “the assembly was lit!” which I assure you is high praise from a young person. 

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