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In January I was asked to deliver an assembly for year 7 & 8's in Garforth Academy.

The theme for the assembly seems quite fitting for the times that people across the world are currently facing. 'Enduring when things things get tough'.

We used a video clip of Jonny and Alistair Brownlee. two guys from Yorkshire who are amazing triathletes. Jonny is struggling to get to the finish… he’s already swam a mile, cycled 25 miles and has ran over 6 miles. He only has a few hundred metres to go but yet he can’t quite make it.

Luckily for Jonny his brother Alistair is close behind and he sacrifices his place in the race to help him out. Without his brothers help Jonny wouldn’t have made it to the end. 


We mentor lots of young people in school who, just like Jonny Brownlee needs someone there to encourage and cheer them on during their race. Please pray that the young people we mentor each week will be able to reach out to someone over these next few months when they do find things tough at home. Whether that is a LFIS mentor, a family member or a friend. 

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