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Hope In Uncertainty

Hope in these Uncertain Times 

I’m sure everybody can agree that these are very unnerving and uncertain times for people across the world. Following on from the school closure announcement from The Prime-minister, we at Leeds Faith In Schools are definitely feeling these uncertainties as we figure out how we can continue to serve and support the young people we would have regular contact with through our schools work. Our first port of call has been to create mentoring packs that each of our mentees will have delivered to school in time for them to take home with them when schools shut on Friday - please pray that this task runs smoothly and that each young person who receives it will benefit from the activities and advice in the pack.; but also feel a sense of God’s love and protection.

The uncertainty continues beyond us as a team though as young people are unsure when they will return to school, what will happen as a result of the cancellation of GCSE and A-level exams - join us in praying for peace for these young people. For teachers, school support staff, NHS staff, emergency services workers, social workers and other ‘key workers’ we pray for God’s refreshing on them, for energy, for wisdom, for protection.

One our biggest concerns as a team is that for the vulnerable students we work with. These young people won’t be celebrating like some of the others at the chance of an extended Easter break. A lot of the students we work with require the routine and stability of school to keep them going; for some of them free school meals at school is their chance to eat properly; for some of them their home environment isn’t nurturing or loving. A massive part our our schools work is mentoring where we offer the young people half an hour to an hour of time each week to just talk through whatever is going on in their life. the chance to just be themselves, to let of some steam, to have a listening ear. We are doing all we can as a team to continue to offer this service to young people whilst not being able to attend school. Please pray for wisdom for the team as we figure this out. Please pray for the young people, that they feel God’s presence close to them and for their safety and protection.

As I reflect on all the events that have taken place in the previous weeks and as I look forward into the coming weeks/months, the one thing that I know is certain is God’s unfailing love. Last half term we did an assembly in Abbey Grange school and the words we spoke in those assemblies couldn’t be more true today - God is a certain hope, he won’t let us down. We can put our hope in God to bring good from every situation, we can put out hope in God that he is in control and better days are to come.


"But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose hope is in him.”
Jeremiah 17:7

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