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Rock Solid Xtreme.

Kick Starting Leeds City Academy Rock Solid Xtreme! 

Last week saw the first session of our new after school club for Leeds City Academy held at St Marks Church. Rock Solid Xtreme is a safe and open space for the young people to come and hang out, chill, munch on some toast and hot chocolate, chat and let off steam with some table tennis or table football.

Lily has been coming to our lunch time Rock Solid since September. She's there each week ready to go and will get involved in anything and everything. She struggles to make friends and confidence does not come easy. However, last week I saw a glimpse of her come alive as she got chatting to another girl in the group and they shared in their love of colouring and all things creative together.

Daniel is fairly new to Rock Solid and was slightly apprehensive about entering the Church, having never stepped foot in one before. Yet, as I lead the young people upstairs to reveal their space for the first time, Daniel shouted 'Anna, this is sick!' and jumped straight onto the pile of bean bags laid out for the group in the centre of the room! He couldn't have looked more content and surprised as his previous ideas of what a church would be like were totally broken down.

Another chap, Peter, who I have got to know pretty well over the year, spoke about how excited he was to listen to music and play some table football with his mates after school. As we were walking over to the Church, he said 'after school is normally boring for me'. 

How wonderful to see these young people have such a great time in a safe, local church environment. I am excited to see where this group will take us! 

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