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Pray for us

In the run up to Easter there's a lot that you can be praying for us....

The week commencing the 13th March we are hosting a week of prayer in Abbey Grange Academy. Please be praying for the young people as they have the opportunity to pray for themselves and their community. Pray that the christian young people will lead their peers, and that those cuirious about faith or establishing their own faith will be encouraged. Pray that God will answer their prayers and that the pupils will be encouraged in their faith. 

Please pray for the youth leaders and LFIS workers who will connect with young people during this week, that they will be pointing young people towards God. 






Please pray for the 37 RE lessons we already have in the diary for the two weeks in the run up to Easter. Please pray we create a curiosity about Christianity during these lessons. May God reveal more of his hope, truth and love to our workers and volunteers during the planning and delivery, and that they will communicate this to the young people that they meet during the fortnight. 

Please pray we get opportunities to contribute to the curriculum in other schools which we don't yet have lessons confirmed! 






Over Easter we are partnering with Mission United Faith in Life  residential to host two mission centres in Leeds, one out in Otley with the Parish Church, and the other in Meanwood. Please pray that these give the Christian young people we meet in school the opportunity to step out in their faith, and also encourage those who are exploring faith to see it living and active and relevant to their life today. 







BIG NEWS, this coming September we have the G-SUS live tour coming to 7high schools between september and october in Leeds. This is an interactive media suite built into a lorry that will sit in the playground for a week in each school. The media suit explores Jesus life through 3 themes - all which link to the students RE curriculum. There'll be more info to follow but please be praying for the final couple of schools to confirm, for volunteers to come forward in each area to help set-up and set-down and for the young people who will experience something of Jesus and christianity through each session.