Champion Churches

Do you think your church is ready to stand with us in your local high school?

The role of a Champion Church is to stand out in their community as an advocate and partner of LFIS, encouraging and supporting our work with young people in a particular high school in their area.

We believe that, if we are to fulfil the pledge we have made to schools, it is essential that we partner increasingly with local churches and bridge the gap that often exists between them and the young people in their local school. When statistics seem to indicate that half of all churches in England have little to no meaningful contact with young people in their community, Leeds Faith in Schools wants to help the church with their vision of reaching the local community, and especially its many young people, thereby enabling the church to invest in the next generation. We also want to be day-to-day support for the Christian young people in school, and the best way to do this is with the support and partnership with their local church.

To help you achieve this, and also to give something back, we will commit to the following:

– Support your church vision for reaching your community, especially young people

– An annual personal visit to your congregation and email you encouraging stories and news straight to your inbox every 6 weeks

– Encourage greater connection between your church, the local school and their young people

– Support local young Christians, possibly from your church, in a challenging environment

– Help your church invest in the next generation of young people

If you would like more information about becoming a Champion Church or prefer a member of the team to come and visit you to discuss things further, please contact our office and we would be happy to help.