Church Partnerships


Schools represent one of the most exciting opportunities for  the church in reaching and supporting the young people of this next generation. Our work was born out of partnership and continues in partnership with schools, churches and individuals who like us sense the opportunity to draw alongside young people in faith.

Research seems to indicate that half of all churches in England have little to no meaningful contact with young people in their community, whilst often also showing young people to have a keen interest in the question of faith. Leeds Faith in Schools wants to help the churches with their vision of reaching the local community, and especially it’s many young people, enabling the church across Leeds to invest in the next generation and to see church growth. 

Your Role

The role of our supporter churches is to be an advocate for the work of LFIS, working alongside us in encouraging and supporting the young people in the high schools your church community serves. 

We believe that, if we are to successfully fulfil the pledge we have made to schools, increasing partnership with the local churches is key so as to bridge the gap that often exists between church and young people.

Our Role

In addition to our day to day work in school we seek to continually support our partner churches in the follow ways:

– Support your church vision for reaching your community, especially young people. Pursuing opportunities to work together and develop spaces for young people to encounter church.

– Regular visits to your congregation to share Good News from the work on the ground as an encouragement to your congregations and as inspiration towards engagement with your vision to reach young people. 

– Encourage greater connection between your church, the local school and their young people.

– Support local young Christians both inside and alongside your church.

– Help your church invest in the next generation of young people through the growing work of LFIS across the wider city.

If you would like more information about partnering with us please contact Ben our team leader here.