Hope in the midst of uncertainty

2020 was a year like no other in history, which means it was a year like no other for Leeds Faith In Schools. As we approached Christmas we were unsure what it would look like. Thankfully we were able to do a combination of in-person and video lessons, meaning that we could still reach hundreds of young people with a powerful message of hope in a time of desperation.

Our Christmas lesson focused on three characters from the Christmas story; Mary, the shepherds and Jesus. We used a variety of games, scripture and stories to explain the importance of hope for each of these characters and how now, over 2000 years later, Jesus is still the hope of the world.

Looking to 2021 there is still a lot of uncertainty for many of the young people we work with. As I write this we have just gone into national lockdown for the third time. But there is hope! We have a vaccine on the way, we have people working tirelessly to keep us safe and, most importantly, God is always by our side.

This year will continue to be unusual for the LFIS team and I am sure that we will be continuing to work in ways that are different to our usual routines. However, I firmly believe that we will continue to support young people, teachers and schools in a hugely positive way. Now, more than ever, our vision statement to bring “good news to the high schools of Leeds” is of utmost importance in a world full of people who are desperate to have something to put their hope in.