Helen                     Mark                    Naomi                    Graeme                                       Ann

Meet the Board

The work of Leeds Faith In Schools is supported and facilitated by a team of volunteer trustees who serve provide oversight and accountability to our work, making decisions about the vision and direction of our work.

We are continually looking for people to support the future growth of our work and so please do get in touch should you feel you have something to offer to the ongoing development of our board and team. 

The current board of trustees is as follows: 

Chair: Mark Harlow

(Minister – St Paul’s Ireland Wood)

Graeme Collins


Ann Nicholl
(Retired Head Teacher)

Tony Sheppard
(Business and Enterprise)

Helen Allison

(HR and Admin in Education)

Naomi Griffiths-Littlechild 

(Education and Development manager – Anne Frank Trust)


Treasurer: vacant