Fresh start in Wetherby

It has been a real privilege to go into Wetherby High School this term and restart the work we do together. I have been working with the inclusion team to arrange mentoring for students. It has been really fun getting to know the students, the art department loaned us some materials, so we were able to do some painting while we talked. This has been a great way for the young people to relax while we talk about all kinds of difficult situations.

I’ve also been working in a coaching group on Friday afternoons, which is something I haven’t experienced in school before but it’s clear to see how beneficial it is for the young people and witnessing the relationship between the coach and students is very special.

As the end of the school year has approached, I’ve been invited to participate in some whole school activities. Sports day was postponed but instead, we had a team-building afternoon where students got to take part in activities like tug of war and relay races against the teachers. I also joined with their sponsored walk, we walked in big groups of several coaching groups and did an 11-mile route through the countryside around Wetherby. The students were amazing and almost all made it the whole way round despite the 27° heat.