Year 7 transition week in Horsforth High School

The new year 6’s going up to Horsforth School in September have had a great opportunity to spend a week of their summer at school to practice lessons, learn their way round school, meet a few of the staff and get to make new friends. The school asked us to do an afternoon of fun outdoor sessions with 150 young people each day. Using the Olympics as a theme we had a mini tournament, where they had to work together in teams of 30 to compete in several activities testing their physical and mental strength ingames like: relays, dodge ball, and our classic old school game of welly wanging! It was great to watch from adistance to see plenty of laughter and fun cover the field, as the young people loved joining together to compete against the other teams. Even the staff got involved, and at one point they drew the biggest crowd when they faced each other in the tug of war!

Our prayer is that these young people have had enough transition to give them the confidence to go and get stuck in when they start in September and also that they will see me as someone they can come and talk with me when they need to. Please pray with us this year as we continue to walk alongside the new Year 7’s.