Overcoming Adversity

By Ben Cordy

Vanessa Ruck aka TheGirlonABike


Following a successful mini tour of our schools earlier in the academic year, Vanessa Ruck, from the #BecauseICan initiative returned for a second visit to our schools last term. Over three days she connected with new year groups from four of our schools and shared her story of overcoming struggle, inspiring everyone she connected with to push forward in the challenges life throws our way. Following the sessions, students got in touch to say how inspirational it had been and that they were going away to work on their goals. Many students felt Vanessa had given them the ‘drive of energy’ they needed to move forward. Each school noted how relevant the message was to the need in schools at this time, with both local news and national motorcycle media covering the story. It has been a real privilege for LFIS to play it’s part in encouraging this initiative and supporting the work of good people generously supporting young people.


For more information about the work of Vanessa Ruck aka theGirlOnABike check out her schools support page here.